New York Car Shipping

Are you looking to ship your car, truck, or motorcycle to or from the state of New York? If so, go with the company who knows how to safely transport your vehicle to the city or upstate. Cobalt Auto Services has experience in moving vehicles to and from NY – let us provide you with the same great service that has won us many repeat customers.

Why choose Cobalt for your shipping needs? We have experience working with customers to ship cars to and from New York as well as the rest of the U.S. and even internationally. If you want the best service at a great price, choose Cobalt.

We understand that you may have unique requirements or questions prior to your shipment. If you do, please fill out the form on the side of the page so that we can contact you and get a better understanding of your exact needs.

Moving to New York can entail many changes – especially if you are not used to the weather conditions. The colder northeast winters can be tough on cars and trucks. Learn prior to arriving about the weather and its effects on car and trucks – this will help you be prepared to deal with your vehicle and road conditions.

Let Cobalt ship your car – we guarantee great customer service and defect free shipping. Our testimonials from many of our customers speak to our reliability and high level of service. Fill out the free quote form on the side of the page or call us toll free at 855-242-8090.


New York Car Shipping Tips

  • Be sure to remove any personal additions to the car or truck. Items like bike racks need to be taken off and stored prior to shipment.
  • Remove your belongings from the interior of the vehicle as well.
  • Understand the weather that may be present when you arrive and pick up your car. Depending on the time of year, New York can be very cold with lots of snow or hot and humid during the summer months. Planning ahead will make the end of your transport experience much easier, even if you are having it delivered to your home.
  • Learn about the state of NY before you go. If you have some free time without your vehicle, plan some sightseeing tours that you can do without your car or truck – make the most of your time in New York.

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