Louisiana Auto Transport

Moving or relocating to or from Louisiana? Let Cobalt Auto Transport Services help you by providing safe and fast car, truck, or motorcycle shipment. Getting your vehicle moved can be a hassle so let us take the stress away by providing you with our great customer service and customized auto quotes for Louisiana and elsewhere in the United States.

Louisiana State Flag

Louisiana State Flag

We are happy to help you by providing a custom quote. Fill out the form on the side of the page, or call us toll free at 855-242-8090 – once you submit your auto transport quote request we get to work looking for the best fit for your needs. This means that we find the dates that fit your schedule and get your vehicle delivered where you need it, when you need it. There are no “pre-made” quotes – each one is unique and handled by a real Cobalt employee.

Louisiana Car Shipping Tips

  • Take time to plan out your move or car shipping schedule in advance. Many times you will end up with extra time on your hands and can use the resources listed below to plan an outing or sightseeing trip instead of just spending your time waiting. Being prepared before you leave means that you will have more time to do and see what all the great state of Louisiana has to offer.
  • Find out about the area you will be arriving to before leaving. Check out some maps of the area, especially if your vehicle is not being delivered to your driveway. This will save you time and stress when going to pick up your car or truck once you are in Louisiana.
  • Protect your vehicle. Take the a few minutes┬áto look around your car for any issues and get small mechanical problems taken care of prior to shipment. This will help ensure that you car is ready to go when it is delivered. Small things like checking the oil, tire air pressure, and fluid levels can save headaches down the road.


Additional Louisiana Resources

  • Louisiana Craigslist – Get a hold of anything that you might need. Find a place to rent or buy, grab accessories for your car, and anything else you might need.
  • Louisiana Department of Transportation – Find out ahead of time about things like road closures, summer highway construction schedules, and more. Get access to state transportation maps to help with your planning.
  • Louisiana Tourism – Plan out the perfect trip for before, or after, your car shipping is taken care of. Find out where in Louisiana you should go visit – very helpful if you have not been to the state before.

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