International Shipping

Cobalt Auto Services offers international vehicle shipping to many countries outside of the United States through it’s international partners.

In addition to arranging for vehicle transport out of the U.S., we can also arrange for your car, truck, or motorcycle to be shipped back into the U.S. Contact us today for more information.

What To Expect With International Shipping

  • Shipping times are longer. This probably comes as no surprise, but in addition to the great distances that have to be traveled there are some other things to consider. Not only will your car or truck be picked up by a truck but it may also need to be put on a boat, flown, or moved using rail cars. Also, crossing borders requires customs checks that can add time to the overall transit period.
  • Be sure to find out if your car is legal to drive in the country you are shipping it to. Many countries have different laws regarding automobiles – be sure to find out ahead of time whether or not your vehicle will require any modifications!

Cobalt International Shipping Locations

Click on the links below for more information regarding our international destinations. When you’re ready to get your car moved, call us toll free or submit a free quote via the form seen on the side of the page. We will be in touch shortly with your personalized auto transport quote.