Exotic Car Transport

Exotic car transport services are offered by Cobalt Auto Services. In addition to shipping many regular cars, trucks, and automobiles, we offer the option to ship your car with the care and protection that is warranted by a special vehicle. Whether you’re purchasing a new Ferrari, having your Porsche shipped for servicing, or taking your Bugatti to a car show out of town, we can meet your shipping schedule with ease and great rates.exotic car transport of many cars

What Type Of Exotic Car Transport Is Offered?

For your car enclosed transport is the best option. Offering improved environmental protection as well as keeping prying eyes from being able to see your car, enclosed transport trucks offer you the safety and protection you want for you car when transiting long distances.

This is an industry standard method for moving vehicles such as your own. Car clubs, individual owners, and more have chosen this type of improved transport for long, and short, distance moves of their upscale autos for years.

Additional services can be included, please detail your requirements when making contact after the quote has been issued – we are happy to work with you to ensure that you get the best service possible for your automobile.

Shipping Questions Answered

Do you have questions about how to ship your car? Fill out the free quote request form – there is no obligation and we will be happy to answer any and all questions prior to arranging your car shipment. Cobalt Auto Services is a customer oriented company that takes pride in customer satisfaction and repeat clientele. We have created many repeat customers over the years, serving various markets throughout the United States and internationally. We look forward to helping you get the fastest and safest shipping possible for your car or truck.

Looking at our page on enclosed auto transport for more information on how these improved transport trucks can help you.