Cobalt Car Shipping Rates

When looking to move your car, finding out what the going rates are for auto transport is an important part of the planning. Cobalt Auto Transport Services is here to help make this as clear as possible and to provide you with a rate or quote as quickly as possible – and it is personalized to your specific needs.

What Auto Transport Rates Are There?

As you would expect, the rates mostly depend on where you have your car, truck, or motorcycle picked up from and where you have it delivered to. There are several items to consider that factor into the rate:

  • Are you near a major freeway?
  • Are you near a large city?
  • Is there easy access to the vehicle storage area?

In addition, several other factors will help determine what type of shipping rate you will be looking at:

  • Size of vehicle
  • Does your vehicle run or will it need to be lifted into position on a car carrier?
  • Enclosed or Open carrier preferred?
  • Availability of desired pick up and drop off dates

Knowing these options and how flexible you are will help get you a better rate on your shipment as well as providing the information to get you a quote quickly. To get started now, fill out the free quote request form on this page.

What Are The Actual Rates For Car Shipping?

As noted above, there really isn’t one given rate for a given distance. The total can vary from a couple of hundred dollars for a shorter open transport move, to several times that for a long-haul closed transport of an inoperable vehicle.


Take these factors into account when reviewing your quote so that you can understand why one rate may be different from another. If ¬†you have any questions after receiving your shipping quote from Cobalt please let us know – we’re happy to explain anything to you that will help you better understand the process and help get your vehicle transported from Point A to Point B quickly.

How Can I Find The Best Rate For My Car?

To get the best rate possible you should ask for quotes – you can request your free quote from us by filling out the free quote form on this page. This way your exact information can be evaluated and you will quickly find out what the rate for your specific situation looks like.

You can use the shipping quote form seen on the side of the page or call us toll free at 855-242-8090. We will get to work on your custom car transport quote and get back to you after looking at the details and finding the best dates and route that will give you the best rate possible.

Thank you for choosing Cobalt Auto Transport Services – we look forward to moving your vehicle soon!